Free Cell Card Game: How to become an expert in Free Cell Card Game

Free Cell Card Game: Brief Introduction

This is the classic solitaire card games with requires a deck of 52 cards. The appearance of the free cell card game is just like a traditional card game with 8 tableau piles, 4 foundation piles and 4 open cells. There are 4 empty spaces above the tableau which offers temporary storage of cards useful during the game. Just one card can be moved at a time. In the solitaire all cards are placed face up. The player needs to build the four home cells in ascending sequence from ace to king

The free cells games consists of 4 piles located in the upper left corner, The foundation cells are in the form of 4 piles in the upper right and the Tableau are 8 piles which is the main table. The Tableau piles are numbered from 1 to 8, piles 1-4 start with 7 cards, piles 5-8 with 6 cards each. The foundation and free cells are empty.

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How to play Free Cell card game?

The player must get all the cards in required sequence into the foundation pile. The cards must be placed in an order of suit and rank. Each foundation has one suit and is placed in either descending order or opposite color i.e. red or black. The player needs to drag and drop any card into one of the 4 free cells. The player needs to be highly attentive and skilled. The game should have a good strategy at place.

The player needs to look for the aces of the 4 suits and move all the aces to the foundation row. Prepare a pile of cards in descending order keeping in mind that the cards alter between black and red. Once you prepare a pile of cards, go on placing it to the foundation column. After targeting the aces, focus on the lower numbers of each suit according to Ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,0,10,J,Q,K. The player wins when he/she becomes successful in filling all the four foundation spaces with cards in ascending order from Ace to king in each suit.

Free Cell Card Game download


Free Cell card games moves

The card game is similar to the canasta game but have some rules to be maintained by the player. The player needs to understand this move before playing the game.

  1. Move more than one card from one tableau pile to another- The player needs to remember that a red 7 can merge with black 6 and move it to another tableau containing red 5. If I case there are 2 free cells, the player can move 3 cards together. If all the 4 free cells are empty, then the player can move 5 cards. In case, there are 3 free cells and 4 empty tableau, the free cell card game player can move 8 cards together.
  2. Move a single card onto a free cell.
  3. Move a card from a free cell.
  4. Move a tableau card onto the foundation cells.
  5. The player can undo according to their convenience.

This game is available on google play for free. Solitaire lovers need to rush and enjoy the Free Cell card game. CDownload the gme by clicking Below Button.

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