Gin Rummy Rules : How to Play Gin Rummy card Game Online

This article contains all Gin Rummy Rules to follow while playing.During childhood days, these rummy games were fun to play on a lazy Sunday with family. Later, this habit went on by Poker or solitaire and even Blackjack on computers. Free card games are packed with full entertainment when you have your friends. Card games have been the best tool to social with your peers with long never ending night outs in vacations.These card games are all time favorite for every age group from young to the old. The new card game Gin Rummy is the replica of the card games.

How to play Gin Rummy Card Game:

In this game, there may be 2 or 4 players, each being distributed 10 cards out of the deck of 52 cards. While the remaining cards are placed upside down at a corner known as ‘Stock pile’. There are no scrabble rules for the kids. The main purpose of the game is to form ‘Melds’. The melds are of two types Runs and Sets.

Gin Rummy game

Run is the sequence of 3 or more cards having the same suit in consecutive order. Suits are the four French playing card suits namely Diamond, spades, heart and club.

Set is the group of 3 or 4 cards with identical rank  and different suits. Rank consists of high to low rank of cards that is Ace, king, queen, jack, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. Just one card can be used once either in a set or run.

Deadwood are the cards which are not meld cards. The deadwood count is the sum total of all the values of the deadwood cards.

Procedure to play Gin Rummy Card game:

The game starts with one of the player selecting a card from the stock pile and add it to his/her pile of 10 cards. The players plan accordingly and either keeps the card or discards it for a face up. Once he/she decides an unwanted card is thrown off for the other player to throw the desired card. The game has started with players throwing cards, according to the earlier cards. The countdown has started, with this the players need to form a group of Run or Set.


The player who has been successful in preparing a run or a set. It is a gesture in which the winner announces his/her victory by throwing off his/her final run or set, known as Knocking. The game ends after the final cards are thrown on the table. With this we get our winners same like free cell card  game.

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Laying off

A last moment twist can make the game more interesting. Let’s know how? The player can also lay off  cards by extending the sets or runs of the knocker,this reduces the unmelded count of cards which are left. The knocker is not allowed to do the same. This is a best trick played by the opponent to extend the game further.


If the deadwood count of a player is zero, then he/she screams as ‘Gin’ and gets lucky to earn 25 bonus points plus the deadwood count of his opponents.

But what if the stock pile finishes! Then the player picking the  third last card  from the pile discards the card without knocking and all need  to restart the game. No-one loses and No-one wins.

Score Cards of the Gin Rummy players:

All the Face cards (K,J,Q) have a score of 10 points each.The Aces are counted as 1 point each. The deck score is the numbers mentioned on the desired cards.

Knock Score- Tally up the value of deadwood cards. In case the knocker has a lower count than the difference between the two counts gives the score.

Undercut Score- If the knocker doesn’t go gin and if his deadwood score is higher than his opponents, then the knocker is known to be undercut. The opponent gets the advantage of a bonus of 25 points.

Gin Score- the Gin scorer gets a bonus of 25 points added to the opponents’ deadwood count. If the other players don’t have no deadwood, then the gin gets a bonus and the opposite person gets a zero.

Gin Rummy Rules Bonus: if the a person is scores a pre-decided target score, then he/she receives a game bonus.

Gin Rummy game rules

Conclusion of Gin Rummy Rules

Now that you have understood the Gin Rummy Rules, get started with your friend circle. These card games are played by several genrations and is the best family day game. Hope this article has helped you understand the game rules of the famous Gin Rummy card game. Enjoy your gaming time and remember to follow the rules!

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