Mancala Rules: How to Play Mancala Games For Kids

Mancala Rules

Basic Mancala Rules are shared here for kids and teenagers! Mancala game is from a family of board games played worldwide in different versions. It is famous in different parts of world as Mancala, Kalah, Oware and Congkak. We have shared here rules of Mancala for the version played most commonly. Macala is an average difficult board game which doesn’t take too long to play. This is the two player  turn based strategy game.

Most of the variants of this board game follow general play. It involves players beginning to play by placing specific number of seeds in the pits of the board. Players play game by counting their stones and removing all seeds from pit and sowing them in following pits in some sequence. If you are a lover of brain teasing board games, you can check our posts for Farkle rules, Scrabble Rules, Jenga rules too.

Card games and board games are quite popular among kids and also played at social gatherings by adults. Mancala rules shared here will help anyone is unaware of how to play Mancala. Equipment required to play this board game are quite simple. A typical game board with a series of six holes in two rows and larger holes at both the ends and pieces to play are needed. The larger pits are known as Mancala.

Pieces can be seeds or beans, stones or marbles as per convenience. The pits in the board are also referred as cups, depressions or houses or stores. Pieces are removed and transferred or placed in the pits to win the game during the play. To see how to play crazy 8 game, read on further. You will also know the Mancala rules in details.

Mancala Rules

How To Play Mancala

The game is played by two players with a Mancala board and 48 game pieces or stones. The 48 pieces or stones are mostly colorful marbles. Each player owns six cups and one mancala of his side on the board. I think Mancala rules are following for play this game. See how to play following Mancala rules.

  1. At the start of the play, sit at the opposite sides of the board.
  2. Place 4 stones in the each of the cups or holes of board (but not in the larger ones or in the mancala cups).
  3. Decide who will play first between the two players.
  4. The player who starts can start playing from any of the cup. Play consists of picking up all the stones from one cup one by one into the other cup on the board.
  5. Remember that four pieces of only one cup are to be played at one turn as per Mancala rules.
  6. You can place stone in your larger hole i.e.Mancala but not in the larger cup of your opponent.
  7. The pieces are to be moved counter clockwise. Contents of the first cup are to be distributed among the next cups evenly.
  8. Once you finish placing all the four pieces of your single cup, the other player gets to play in a similar way.

Mancala Game Rules

Rules of Mancala

Here are some Mancalarules and instructions to follow while you play this board game.

  1. When you run into your own store, you have to deposit one piece in it. But when you run into your opponent’s store, you can skip it.
  2. If the last piece of the four pieces is dropped in your own store, you get to play an extra turn.
  3. If the last piece dropped by you is dropped in an empty cup on your side, you can capture that piece also any number of pieces in the cup posed directly opposite on the board.
  4. The captured pieces are to be placed in your stores or your side cups.
  5. The Mancala game ends when all the six holes on one side are completely empty.
  6. Player, who has pieces left in cups of his side, captures all those pieces when the game ends as per Mancala rules.
  7. The one, who has maximum number of pieces in his store, wins the game.

To be a winner in Mancala board game, you just need to be little thoughtful. The winner is determined by counting the stones in their Mancalas at the end. We are sure Mancala rules are now clear to you and you will enjoy playing it with your friends. Mancala Rules allows winning through Count and Capture. Moving your stones in a way that allows you to capture your opponent’s pieces will make you win the game.

Our blog contains rules of host of other card games, board games and stacking games. Some of the most popular ones are Monopoly rules, Chess rules, Checkers rules, and Cribbage and Phase 10 rules. If you know any additional rule followed by you and your friends to play these games, you can share them with us using the comment box. Keep visiting us to know the rules of interesting games played with boards and cards.

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