Scrabble Rules for Kids: How Do You Play Scrabble?

Scrabble Rules for Kids

After sharing rules of some exciting board game and card games, we have shared here Scrabble rules. Scrabble is a popular brain teasing word game which involves creating new words by adding letters to the existing word. If you are looking for some clever game for your kids, you should know the rules of Scrabbles. A special board with 100 tiles and tile racks are available with tiles containing letters on it to play scrabbles. Scrabble rules listed here will enable kids to play the game and they can master the game easily. Also know the rules of other board games like Monopoly, Farkle, Chess and Checkers. We have elaborated in this article how to play scrabble game.

We have elaborated here how to play scrabbles and all scrabble rules for playing, scoring and winning. Target is to score more by playing words that can score highest points. A scrabble board comprise cells in large square grid. 15 cells are high and other 15 cells are wide. The tiles will be fitting cells on the board. While there are total 100 tiles, 98 are lettered and two are blank. The blank tiles are used as wild cards to replace any letter during the play. Through this post learn how to play scrabble which is a popular brain teasing word game, that involves creating new words by adding letters.

Scrabble Rules

How to Play Scrabble?

As scrabble rule goes, all tiles are kept in a pouch or kept with face down on the table near the board. The tiles should be mixed well to prevent players from knowing which letters are spotted on the tiles. A letter is drawn to decide the first player of the game. A player who draws letter first in order of alphabets gets to start the play. Each player is drawn 7 letters or tiles and keeps them with his or her rack of letters.

The first payer plays his or her word by placing that word tile on the center – most square of the squabble board. Word can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Diagonal play is not allowed. The letters placed must be forming a complete word of two letters or more.

Game proceeds clockwise and each player play off words already on the board. Words are changed by incorporating letters into the word already played. New letters can be placed on in horizontal or vertical straight line. Scrabble rules allow adding tiles or letters in both directions at each single turn.

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Rules of Scrabble / Tile Values in Scrabble

Find below different points you can score with different letters in scrabble rules.

Points Letters or combination of letters
0 Blank tiles
1 A, E, I, N, L, O,R, S, T & U
2 D and G
3 C, M, P and B
4 V, W, Y, F and H
5 K
8 J and X
10 Q and Z

Besides above basic point, bonus points can be earned in following condition:

  1. If a tile is placed on the squares containing multipliers, the value of the tile will be multiplied accordingly.
  2. The light blue cells on the scrabble board double the value of letters when used.
  3. The dark blue cells triple the value of letters when used.
  4. When a word is on the light red colored squares, the value of entire word is doubled.
  5. The dark red squares triple the value of entire word. For example if you make cakes by adding s to the word cake, and the letter S comes on dark red square, you will earn 30 points. (3 for C, 1 for A, 5 for K and 1 for E = total 10 x 3)

Rules for Scrabbles –Winning the Game

Any player who plays his or her last tile and there are no tiles left to draw, the game finishes. The remaining tiles are to be subtracted from the scores earned. The player with highest scores after this wins the game. One such interesting game is canasta, which involves multiple player.

Also note these Rules of Scrabbles:

  • A player can score for making more than one word in single turn.
  • A player is not supposed to move the tile once played.
  • Words formed should be valid and legal words.

Going through the rules, you may find understanding the scoring rules bit complicated. Once you start playing the game and start following the scores for each letters given here, you will easily get sure the scrabble rules.

If the scrabble board is filled with tiles before any player finishes his tiles and wins, new tiles are draw to replace the tiles on board. Tiles are drawn without looking at them to keep them unknown to the player. We are sure you are no more confused about playing scrabble and following Scrabble rules. Check host of other rules of interesting games like Jenga, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers and Farkle rules. Popular folk games played with boards, dice and cards are often played in different versions with slight variations. We have provided here rules and instructions of the most popular versions of the games. However, rules of scrabble are also followed for the valid words by some players. Hence, players should get agree on the acceptable  magic rules and unacceptable words before start of the play as there are no definite rules for valid words.

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