BADMINTON : How To Play Badminton

Badminton Game

Though there are elaborate official rules written for Badminton as per BWF, we are bringing here the basic Badminton rules and regulations to help beginner’s to play Badminton with better efficiency. Rules also exist with regard to rackets, shuttlecock, grip of hands, net and other equipment in the game of Badminton. However, you will meet basic rules to know how to play badminton with your friends. The rules given here include scoring rules in this play, service rules for singles and doubles. If you are a novice, go through the badminton rules given here.

Badminton is one of the most popular outdoor sports worldwide which is played by using rackets and hitting shuttlecock with rackets across a net. The play of Badminton is widely popular in Asia and Europe. It can be played in singles as well as doubles i.e. by two players or four players.

How to Play Badminton

The basic badminton rules and regulations given here are based on official rules set by BWF.

Court Dimensions

The court for the play of Badminton is to be rectangular and divided into halves of equal area separated by a net. As per badminton rules, the court can be marked for singles only. However, the marked courts are generally used for singles as well as doubles. The doubles court and singles court are the same in length. But the width of the doubles court is wider.

  • Court for doubles: 6.1 meters width, 13.4 meters length
  • Court for singles: 5.18 meters width

However, the serve-length dimension of the doubles court is shorter than that of singles. The service courts are clearly marked by a dividing center line at a distance of 1.98 meters away from the net. In doubles, the service line is at 0.76 meters away from the back boundary.

Serving Rules in Badminton

Here are serving rules followed in the game of Badminton.

  • The shuttlecock should pass over the short service line of the opposite court during serving or otherwise it will be considered a fault.
  • Players in badminton rules stand inside service courts and the shuttlecock should not be bounced.
  • Serve must be striking below waist height and with the racket shaft towards downwards.
  • The server hits the shuttlecock in a way that it should land in the service court of receiver’s.
  • In singles, the serve stands in the right service court in case of even scores and in the left service court in case of odd scores.
  • In badminton doubles, the same player serves if the serving side wins a rally. Rally in badminton means exchange of shots that decide points.

Badminton Rules – Scoring and Points

As per badminton rules and regulations, each play is played up to 21 points. Points are scored whenever a player wins a rally; no matter if they are serving or not.

  • If the scores are 20-all, the game continues till one side gains a two point lead like 24-22. Whoever scores 29-all wins the game with a golden point.
  • During the first game, coins are tossed to decide the serving side. During the next game, the winner of the previous game gets to serve first.
  • The players change ends at the start of the second game. If there is a third game, the sides or ends are changed at the start of the play as well when 11 points are scored by the player or team.
  • If a let is called in badminton, the rally is immediately stopped and the game is replayed without any effect on the score. Lets are declared because of some disruptions or disturbance like a shuttlecock landing on court.

We will be bringing more interesting game rules. Badminton rules encompass service rules, rules for equipment like rackets, shoes etc. and rules for court measurement and height of net. We are sure you are happy with the rules of this very popular game and would enjoy playing it now. Do share the rules of badminton given in this post with your buddies who are passionate for badminton.