Checkers Rules: How to Play Checkers Board Game.

Checkers rules

Checkers Rules are rules of board games also famously known as Draughts. We have shared here the rules and methods to play Checkers. Checkers and all other draughts are commonly played by pieces being jumped over by other player’s pieces. Well, if you are confused between Chinese Checkers and Checkers, be sure that both are different games. Our rules shared here are written based on rules of most popular forms of English draughts known as Checkers in the United States.After playing this game,we realize that the game has an interesting history behind it.

Checkers is played by two players involving diagonal moves of game pieces,which lies in capturing by jumping over opponent pieces. The game has been played in social circles and among kids since the 12th century with different variations in US, UK, Canada and other countries. It is played by two players, each player owning 12 discs. Each set of pieces or discs are of different colors; typically red and black. Check out in detail the equipment and rules of Checkers. Know all the checkers rules and learn how to play checkers from the below guide.

Equipment for Checkers

  1. A board with 64 squares – 32 dark squares and 32 light squares.
  2. 24 pieces with a set of 12 pieces of different colors. Pieces are flat and round, similar to pieces of Carom’s.

Some players also use the board of Chess to play Checkers.

Rules for Checkers

See the Checkers rules to follow while you play the game.

  1. Each player places his/her set of pieces on the closest 12 dark squares.
  2. Player with black set of pieces moves first.
  3. Moves are to be made only on the dark squares diagonally.
  4. As per Checkers Rules, pieces are allowed to move forward one step towards the opponent.
  5. If a piece is making a capturing move, i.e. jumping over the opponent’s piece can move further by more than one square.
  6. Whenever a piece is jumped over by the opponent piece, it is removed from the board.
  7. Whenever capture or leaping over is available, jump should be made. Players can choose on any move when more than one leaping overs are possible.
  8. When any piece reaches and gets placed at the farthest row from the controlling player, the piece is crowned as King. Uncrowned pieces are called Men. The King is made to seem high by placing the removed piece over it.
  9. Kings can move only diagonally but are allowed to move forward as well as backwards.
  10. The Men (non Kings) are allowed to move only forward toward the opponent.

Have you understood the checkers rules? Let’s check how to win  this board game. Meanwhile, you can check out a few more interesting games.


The game of Checkers is won either by capturing all the opponent pieces or by blocking all the opponent pieces. Find below the Checkers rules for winning and drawing.

  • The first player who loses all his pieces to the opponent loses the game.
  • When a player is unable to make a move due to all his pieces being blocked and has no place to move forward, he loses the game.
  • If both players have the same number of pieces, the player with the most number of kings wins the game.
  • If both the players have the same number of pieces as well as the same number of kings, the game goes to a draw.

The Checkers board game involves a mix of chance and pure strategy which makes it one of the most exciting board games. Since Checkers is one of the favorite tabletop board games played with friends at social gatherings, we have shared the Checkers Rules.

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