Mancala Game – How To Play

How to play Mancala game for kids Basic Mancala Rules are shared here for kids and teenagers. Mancala is from a family of board games played worldwide in different versions. It is famous in different parts of the world as Mancala, Kalah, Oware and Congkak.  We have shared here rules of Mancala for the version […]

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Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em – How to Play

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker. Whilst it’s complex to understand and master the game, it’s quite easy to learn. This article is a basic guide to understanding how to play so you know what is going on next time you sit at the poker table. The start of a hand and […]

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spades rules

Spades Rules: How to Play Spades Card Game?

How to play spades card game? Spades is one of the most famous card game that is suitable for family and friends. This post is written specifically to elaborate Spades Rules you can refer as you go on playing with your favourite game and also how to play spades. Card games are used playing cards of a […]

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Hearts Card Game: Guidelines to Play the Famous Card Game

There must be some people who have not played the famous Hearts Card Game for a long time or must have forgotten the rules. We shall help you to remember the game. Yes! Let’s move down to the memory lane when this game was one of the most liked childhood game. These classic card games are entertaining and is […]

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Canasta Rules – How to Play Canasta Card Game?

Canasta Rules Crazy about card games? We are bringing here rules and instructions for Canasta card game which belongs to rummy family games. All Canasta rules are elaborated here in details to enable you to enjoy this game with your buddies.The Canasta game is generally playing in partnerships. This wild card game features some crazy rules, some […]

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Phase 10 Rules — How to Play Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 Rules Do you love to play card games? Know how to play Phase 10 with your friends for the best fun time. We have elaborated all the Phase 10 rules, phases, instructions, and scoring rules of phase ten card game. Phase 10 is a popular card game created in 1982 on a variant of […]

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