Tetris Game: Guidelines to Play The Famous Block Matching Game

Tetris Game

We all have played the prominent block forming video game. Just hearing the name you get glimpses of a black and white era, where you are busy with a graphing calculator that is showering geometric shapes with a constant uniform music. Your expressions would be. Oh Yes! The Tetris game has a childhood connection to it which is entertaining and addictive. The game was a  conqueror in the world of card games for several decades till date. We are highly privileged to help you with the rules and gameplay.  Let’s dedicate some time to learn its age-old history.

 Origin of Tetris game

The Tetris game is a Russian game developed by Alexey Pajitnov in the late 80’s. It got its name ‘Tetris’ from a Greek word ‘Tetra’ meaning ‘four’. This was the first entertaining software made by Russia and soon became viral all over the globe.

Gameplay of Tetris Game

The game is quite simple and easy like an online free cell card game. The player just needs to arrange these tetrominoes into spaces by changing its physical structure(if required), somewhat like a puzzle. The player needs to fit the block or tile such that at the formation of 10 units in a horizontal line, it disappears. The player gets sufficient space to settle the other blocks which are on its way.

As the player proceeds the game, the levels get faster, leaving not much time for the player to plan its settlement. The rules of this game are a little bit similar as mancala game rules.This game will end when the player becomes unable to adjust all the blocks which would result in the overfilling of the blocks and sadly you ‘Lose’. So you need to think really fast with each level. This game seems quite indulging and keeps you absorbed into the game.

The game consists of various Tetrimios in the shape of I, J, L, O, S, T, Z. The Tetrimino is the four block geometric structure which comes in the above alphabetic formations. Tetriminoes is the plural form of  Tetrimino. This tetrimino can be adjusted according to space among the blocks, tiles, piles or even bricks.

Scoring of Tetris Game

  • If the player is successful in clearing a single line, he earns 100 points.
  • If he tries hard to clear four lines at one go then he bangs 800 points.
  • If the player works hardest and clears back to back lines, then a whopping 12000 points each is won!

This game may look simple, but it isn’t. You need to use your brains to modify the coming blocks that would be lucky for you to earn 12000 points. The Tetris Game is also available on Google play Store! It won’t be the previous design with a calculator look with colorful buttons but will surely give you the best gaming experience. Download free from GOOGLE PLAY.

Enjoy the latest features of Tetris Game

This is  the latest Tetris game which covers advanced features. This Tetris game offers various modes like the Marathon Mode, Galaxy Mode, Explorers Mode which gives several endless tetrimino actions, multi puzzle and to challenge yourself. These modes are very difficult to master. Download Tetris to explore the difficulties, melt into the stunning graphics and customized features!