Bunco Game – How To Play

Bunco Game

Bunco is a dice game popular at social gatherings and among teenagers. The game is traditionally played by 12 players. However any number of players divisible by 4 can play the game conveniently. It is one of the best games to play in friend circles and at social parties. We have shared all the Bunco rules including rules of Bunco for scoring and winning in this article.

Dice games, board games and games of cards are played by kids as well adults with friends. Hence we have shared here instructions and methods for playing some of the topmost popular games.

Let us inform you of the equipment you will need to play this game. 12 players can play it with 12 score cards, 4 tables, 3 dice for each table, 2 pens and 2 pads for each table. In bunco game’s last round, players change tables and partners.In addition you will also need one fuzzy dice to start from the head table and a bell at the head table. Once you will go through all the bunco rules, it will be much easier for you to understand the meanings of these terms and the term Bunco. All four tables should be arranged with necessary equipment.

How to Play Bunco

At the start of the game, only 4 out of 12 score cards should be marked with a star. Shuffle the 12 score cards to mix the starred and unstarred cards randomly. Now each player will pick one score card without looking at them as per bunco rules.

Players who get starred scorecards will get a place at the head table which can also be called a winning table. The teams are decided as per bunco rules by seating with the partners across each other. The Bunco game consists of six rounds. A player seated at the head table rings a bell to mark the beginning and end of each round.

  • Each player at every table takes turns by rolling their three dice to earn points. Players at all the four tables play at a time.
  • At each round, players try to roll the same number which is equal to the number of that round. For example rolling 2 in the second round would earn the player a point.
  • A player can keep rolling till he does not score a point. The score keeper records scores and the dice are passed to the player seating on the left.
  • Whenever the winning table or head table earns 21 points, one round gets over. Bell is rung by the head table.
  • Players change partners or tables or both at the end of every round as per bunco rules.
  • At the end of all the six rounds, multiple players are declared for different categories like for bunco rules, for wins and losses.
  • A player who wins the maximum number of rounds wins the overall game.

Rules for Bunco – Scoring & Winning Rules

Scores in bunco rules are made according to the number of times the dice rolled matches the round’s number.

  • 1 dice equalling round’s number – 1 point
  • 2 dice equalling round’s number – 2 points
  • 3 dice / 3 of a number different to the round’s number – 5 points
  • 3 dice or 3 of a kind equalling the round’s number – 21 points (Bunco)

What is Bunco

Whenever any player rolls and gets

 all three dice the same as that round’s number, it is called Bunco. Bunco earns 21 points to the player. Bunco enables a team to earn 21 points and the player who played it can check at the Bunco section of his scorecard.

When the round is over, the teams with highest points write W next to that round in the scorecard. The teams with the lowest scores for that particular round write L next to that round in the scorecard.

If a team at the head table loses, it is moved to the lowest table. The team from the lowest table moves to the middle one and the winners move to the head table. Partners are also changed with the changing rounds. Next round begins after this.

Since Bunco is more popular at parties and gatherings, prizes are set for many categories. See the prizes for Bunco.

Bunco Rules for Prizes

  • Highest number of Buncos = $20
  • Highest number of Buncos = $20
  • Highest Wins = $15
  • Last player to roll bunco and hold a fuzzy dice = $10
  • Player with equal number of wins and losses = $8 (also known as 50-50 player)
  • Highest number of loses = $5
  • Players never rolled winning dice = $2s

If you are planning for a birthday party or gathering with your friends, it would be a great idea to roll Bunco with thematic dice decoration for your party. There are many other popular board games and card games to play with friends.

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